Irie Blue Hole



Breathe easy & keep it 100! You now have permission to over-relax on your vacation. Let Exotic Excursion take you away on our exclusive Blue Hole and Native Tour.

Located in the jubilant beach city of Ocho Rios, come and join the thrilling exploration of Jamaica’s tucked away natural and historical treasures of the Blue Hole and Sevilla La Nueva Heritage Park.

Experience and enjoy the picturesque and peaceful landscapes of Fern Gully and White River Valley as we elevate through their verdant and hilly interior to arrive at Irie Blue Hole Secret Falls.

At the Falls, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in the cool, therapeutic and azure waters that nature offers and unwind as you become one with your surroundings. This deep refreshing aquatic cavern is sure to captivate the diver within your soul and encapsulate your senses.

After this extravaganza with your party at the water bath, catch up on even more relaxation and simmer down at the Scotchie’s Jerk Centre for some of the island’s best prepared authentic jerk dishes while sipping on a cold Red Stripe beer. Jamaica – no problem!

Next, the UNESCO preserved Sevilla La Nueva Heritage Park will provide you with a historical overview of the nation’s past. Relive the excitement of Jamaica’s genesis which houses the antiquities of the first inhabitants of the island, the Tainos, and the original accounts of the Spanish and British settlers which follow up to the merger of the current populace. The motto, Out of Many One People, will come alive right before your eyes!

Top off your trip with a stop at the Fire Water Mineral Spring where you will surely be amazed to see water be set on fire and hear the interesting story behind its inception.

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