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Aaaawsome Tour!!

Touring Portland, Jamaica with Exotic Excursion was Aaaawsome! The coastal areas surrounding Portland has some of the most natural, rich and vibrant beaches, and vegetation. Wayne took my family and I into this unspoiled hidden treasure, with beautiful beaches, people, delicious food and magnificent views. During our guided tours, he talked about the history of the area and the country. I highly recommend Wayne for your next trip to Jamaica. Thank you Exotic Excursion!!! See you soon.

A. Christian

A great time every time.

We have traveled several times with Wayne and he is great. He is prompt and professional, and always made the journey as fun as the destination.

Paul D Thibault

I Now Have Family in Jamaica

A stranger picked me up from the airport and 5 days later I felt like a family member brought me back! Wayne absolutely made my trip to Jamaica! If you are interested in seeing The REAL Jamaica look no further than Exotic Excursion.

Completely fabulous

My first trip to Jamaica was completely fabulous. Exotic Excursion has the best Chief Operator…Wayne was really the perfect tour guide at every turn. Warm, friendly, funny, and impressively attentive, Wayne picked us up at the airport in an immaculate, air-conditioned bus, stocked with drinks, and took us to have the most delicious jerk chicken I’ve ever eaten. Not only does Wayne know everything about his breathtaking country, he knows the best spots to take people without having to wait on other tourists or long lines. He handles everything with the planning and setup, which is SO helpful when communication might be challenging. Exotic Excursion is wonderful because you can specify exactly what you’d like to do, and a tailored plan is put together. Wayne really understands the different types of vacationers. All the other tourists I met in Jamaica were quite jealous of our guide and how much fun we had at each location! Wayne is awesome!


Awesome Services Received

I was in Jamaica and needed a ride to get to my destination. I didn’t know how I was going to get there by the outrageous prices the taxi cabs were charging. Someone who worked at the Airport called me and asked me where I was going? I told him and he told me he could get me on a shuttle. I met Wayne “Exotic Excursion “ owner took us all to our destinations. He was great, he introduced himself to us and even gave us a little tour on our way. He was awesome and a great driver. He’s highly recommended by me and I’d use Exotic Excursion again.

Angelia Rainey

Knowledgeable Tour Guide

I have toured with Wayne of Exotic Excursions on more than one occasion. He knows the Island and it’s History, which makes the experience more memorable than a 3 night trip to an all includive. After touring with Wayne, a vacation to Jamaica is having a jelly coconut at the airport immediately upon arrival, a stop at the jerk center for lunch and dinner in Ocho Rios all in one day. As a female traveling alone, there is no safer way to see Jamaica than with Exotic Excursion.



Wow! I have known Wayne for years. In every business he has had, it’s been a success. But to be with some who who know’s one of the most popular islands and vacation destinations in the world (Jamaica) like the back of his hand, that is a real treat. I had an amazing time with WAYNE and Exotic Excursion. I felt safe, cared for, connected to the world via WIFI in a car (Seriously!?) and super comfortable in every journey. Please check out Dunn’s River Falls and the place where Jerk Chicken originated. Tour with Exotic Excursions. You will not be disappointed.

Jelani Pinnock

Experience the essence of Jamaica

Come experience and explore the essence of this beautiful Island Jamaica. The resort experience is the same anywhere you go but an outing with exotic excursions will certainly not disappoint. Come experience Jamaica’s natural beauty, authentic food, water falls, fern gully, Boston Jerk, Rose Hall, historical sites and much more! Come see Jamaica beyond the resorts!

Tricia Douglas

Wonderful experience

Five star treatment every day. Exotic Excursion personalized our experience and we got to travel some off beaten paths to see the real Jamaica.

Our luxury, air-conditioned bus included complimentary Wifi! All rides were smooth and comfortable.

Very professional and patient, always on time. Highly recommended.

Johannie Stanley

Business or Pleasure and Safety

Exotic Excursion has helped me to understand the true meaning of “business and pleasure”. Well you might say what does that mean? It is simple. If your meetings start at 9am, you will be there by 8:45 and if your plane lands at 7pm, Wayne will be there at 6:30 waiting for you!

He will then take you to places that will amaze even the well traveled! The best part is that you will be safe and arrive in style at the same time.

Thanks Exotic Excursion family until next time!

Edmond Green

Amazing Experience

I was with Wayne and Excotic Excursion for 7 days and it was a non-stop adventure. If you want to see the real Jamaica in style this is definitely the way to go. We got to see things you would never otherwise get to see staying at a resort. Service was excellent, on-time and on budget. I’d recommend Wayne and Exotic Excursion to ANYONE.

Mike Dickerman


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