I met Wayne in 2016 when I came to Jamaica for a wedding. During those few days, he taught my mother and I how to cook oxtails ‘Jamaican’ style, he took us everywhere in town, and to places that were not flooded with tourist and truly made us feel like he was family. He even held my baby while I was walking down the rocky falls so that we would be safe and so that I could enjoy myself in the water. He is attentive, nurturing, and truly cares about you having the BEST experience. He has made a lasting impression so much that when I returned again last month, there was no other option then Exotic Excursions. There was a lockdown due to COVID-19 during part of our stay, but he made sure to maximize our time that we had so that we wouldn’t feel like we were missing out. He is truly an experience all by himself. You will not be disappointed.