Completely fabulous

My first trip to Jamaica was completely fabulous. Exotic Excursion has the best Chief Operator…Wayne was really the perfect tour guide at every turn. Warm, friendly, funny, and impressively attentive, Wayne picked us up at the airport in an immaculate, air-conditioned bus, stocked with drinks, and took us to have the most delicious jerk chicken I’ve ever eaten. Not only does Wayne know everything about his breathtaking country, he knows the best spots to take people without having to wait on other tourists or long lines. He handles everything with the planning and setup, which is SO helpful when communication might be challenging. Exotic Excursion is wonderful because you can specify exactly what you’d like to do, and a tailored plan is put together. Wayne really understands the different types of vacationers. All the other tourists I met in Jamaica were quite jealous of our guide and how much fun we had at each location! Wayne is awesome!