Blue Mountains Jamaica

Blue Mountain Adventure Tour

Blue Mountain Adventure Tour

Sunsets in the Blue Mountains are indeed BETTER!

Explore, laze and watch as time stops at the pride and testament of Jamaica’s determination and strength.

Covering more than a third of the country, the Blue Mountains are the longest mountainous range that form part of the island’s geography. Reaching a maximum height of 2,256M, and home and sustenance of many endemic flora, fauna, and the acclaimed Blue Mountain Coffee due in part to its rich arable soil, and numerous springs.

Many like you have trekked through the mountains cool, misty, lush, and scenic tracks to witness some of Jamaica’s prime natural offerings only to be captivated and held by the life giving energy it excludes from within.

There is much to do while at the Mountain! Take a stop at one of Jamaica’s most revered and preserved Georgian style plantations. The Craighton Estate is home to one of the islands coffee farms where some of the world’s most sought after coffee beans are harvested. Bask in the sweet coffee scented air awhile and enjoy the history of this very important crop which forms part of many recipes including the Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur.

Need to unwind and refresh? Then Strawberry Hills is the place for you! Nestled in the lively interior of the range, the hotel offers a unique and exquisite ensemble of the mountains ambience while you dine on some of the island’s best beverages and dishes.

While at the summit the view to Jamaica’s south and north coast are almost in reach! Aah, the magnificence that it holds! The panorama is surely breathtaking and to top things off the warmth and the potpourri of colors in the sunsets will be mesmerizing.

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