Boston Beach Jamaica

Exotic Southeast Tour

Indeed there is something about our waters!

Exotic Southeast Tour

Indeed there is something about our waters!

Xaymaca, the name coined by the early Tainos, attests to the charm and splendor of our island. Land of Wood and Water, naturally encapsulates all that is to be seen while your adventure unfolds in the southeastern section of Jamaica. You will be awed by the plethora of water activities in store.

This two day excursion will leave you and yours feeling like you’ve been kissed by life itself as you become renewed by the cool water and sweet air of rejuvenation.

We begin by taking a stop at the historical Bath Fountain Hotel & Spa in St. Thomas. Renowned for its relaxing hot springs and jacuzzis, relax awhile in hot mineral waters being channeled in from the John Crow Mountains into the bath houses by pipes located on property. If you also wish, take a short hike along the hillside to the source of the springs, where the waters also gather into a small pool. Here a masseuse may be solicited for a natural and therapeutic massage.

After your brief respite at this alluring overture, we then proceed to Reach Falls in the Montane Forrest. Reach, is home to a cascading waterfall, the black and yellow billed parrots, and serenity. Here, you will observe Jamaica’s beauty in real time where the waters crescendo into a natural heart-shaped lagoon which is sure to leave you feeling invigorated. FYI, both the films Cocktail (1988), and Lord of the Flies (1990), were partially filmed here. Ah… prime cinematic delight!

The home of jerk is just around the bend.

Rest up at Boston Bay – the famous birthplace of jerk where the hottest assortment of jerk dishes are served. It is also one of the best surf spots on the islands as waves are known to reach amazing heights.

Blue Lagoon is next on our list. This 180ft natural depression sports a captivating blue color which changes shade depending on the time it is hit by the sun. So beautiful that part of the 1980 film, Blue Lagoon, was filmed here. This lagoon continues to be frequented by many influential people and used as a muse.

Next we continue along to the breathtaking Frenchman’s Beach and Estuary. Here the river meets the Caribbean Sea along the 42-acre Cove Villa nearby. This unique and serene beach is rarely crowded, has soft sands, crystal clear water, and an array of wildlife attracting flora.

Then on to bamboo rafting along the Rio GrandeSip on a cold refreshing drink as you are poled by your raft captain/guide along the Rio Grande River. Waters from the Mountains above feed into this meandering stream and enriches the Rio Grande Valley and its canopy to create a very stunning and verdant view of the Port Antonio horizon while on your raft.

Somerset Falls is the cherry-on-top of our time together. This 97-acre picturesque plantation is adorned with plush gardens, ponds, and waterfalls. After a short boat ride along limestone caverns to the falls proper, step in and allow the water to splash upon and invigorate you – tranquility by another name would be an insult. End your day with a meal at the Garden Restaurant and enjoy the sounds of the island from a distance.

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